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What To Wear For Lavender Farm Mini Sessions + How To Prepare For Your Session

This blog post is for you if you have booked a lavender mini session with either me or another photographer and are wondering what to wear. I have compiled four outfit ideas for families that have a lavender mini session coming up. These four outfit ideas are colors that go well with the beautiful purples of the lavender plants. Scroll down to get tips on how to prepare for your session.



1. Tell your children

Starting a week before the session tell your children you have a family session prepared and that your friend "Anastasia" or your photographers name is going to be taking photos. Let them know how fun the session will be and throughout the week keep reminding them so day of session they aren't scared of this stranger with a big camera and won't be as shy.


The last thing you want to do is end up being late or unprepared for your mini session. That is why we suggest preparing the outfits at least a week or two before your session is scheduled. The night before lay out all the outfits so they are ready for the morning. DO NOT put the outfits on first thing in the morning, because kids will be kids. While they are eating they may spill something or while they are playing they may get dirty. So save the hassle of worrying about their outfits getting dirty, wait until you are ready to leave to put on the outfits.

3. Arrive Early

Plan to arrive early. Although your photographer may give details instructions on how to arrive and where to go, you may get lost of traffic might make it take longer than expected. Photographers always like you to arrive 5 minutes early. If you are late for your session time, it can't be extended because there are other spots that are booked after yours.


During family mini sessions we love to get some images of the kids by themselves. If you have little ones that are hard to keep their attention, bring toys or an incentive like their favorite snack. Things like the above listed will help get their attention for a few pictures. Another option is to bring a family member like grandma, aunt, uncle to help get their attention during sessions.


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